Throughout quarantine, I’ve been really passionate about dabbling in DIY self-care. From at-home lash lifts, to dry brush massages, glossing my own hair… I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I tried a Blackhead Pore Vacuum and a Water Flosser.

Both of these devices that I am reviewing today are from the brand Liberex, who was so kind to reach out to me to ask if I wanted to try and review their products on my blog. This is super exciting to me because this is the first time that this has ever happened on my blog! 🙂 And naturally, I wanted to try their products because I am a self-care junkie who wants to try all of the wellness products.

Liberex FC2660 Cordless Powerful Water Flosser

I really, really love water flossers, but the one that I had was not portable. At all. So I always felt like naked or just totally lost when I would go on trips or go camping without my water flosser (diva, I know). This is what made me so excited to try Liberex’s water flosser.

I got the white color with the super chic OLED display. It looks really nice on a countertop — or you could stow it away in a cabinet since it’s portable. It has 4 different modes (Soft, Medium, Strong, and Pulse). I prefer the Strong pulse because the others feel too gentle to me. It doesn’t hurt at all — but it definitely gets all of the crap and left-over food out of the cracks of my teeth.

It also has 5 different removable tips. It has 2 standard tips for daily cleaning; periodontal tip for periodontitis; an orthodontic tip for orthotics like braces; andddd a dental plaque tip for implants, dental bridge, and crowns. It definitely has a tip for every kind of need. I use the standard tips. That’s the one that does the best job for me, but I also do not have any dental work except for permanent retainers behind my teeth.

Lastly, I find that this water flosser is very, very convenient. It’s super easy to charge and that the battery lasts a long time. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and have only charged it once. It’s super easy to refill (either remove the bottom cup from the device and refill, or open the little hole at the back of the device and fill it up with the sink faucet). You can even use it in the shower if you like to brush your teeth in the shower, too. It’s completely waterproof.

I’ve been using it non-stop and have really been enjoying it. I’m looking forward to taking it on trips in the future due to its compact size. I’ll never be without a water flosser, now!

Water flossing is a great alternative for those who have trouble performing traditional dental flossing, like me. I never feel like I can properly reach the back of my mouth with traditional floss, and water flossers completely solve that problem for me.

Water flossers also do not cause damage to your gums when used properly, and can actually reduce the risk of gum disease due to its effectiveness in removing plaque and build-up from our teeth (Dental Care Report).

If you’re interested in trying the Liberex Water Flosser out, you can purchase it on Amazon for an affordable price of $31!

It’s for sure one of the most affordable water flosser options that I’ve seen.

Click here to view product on Amazon.


Liberex Blackhead Upgraded Remover Pore Vacuum

I’ve always wanted to try a blackhead vacuum. Seeing the gunk that comes out and is left in the suction head is so oddly satisfying — and I wanted to see what it would be like if I tried it.

The thing about a pore vacuum is that you need to be SUPER gentle. There’s a bit of a learning curve, so make sure that you watch a YouTube tutorial on how to properly use it so you don’t bruise yourself. 

I only used the first level of the pore vacuum. There are 5 suction levels total. I didn’t go any stronger than that. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of blackheads to experiment with, so my results were less gross than what you see on YouTube. I mainly have whiteheads and sebaceous filaments, but the pore vacuum did extract quite a bit of oil from my face which was nice to see. I’ll definitely have to keep experimenting with it when I do get a blackhead in the future!

Another key to using this properly is to NOT leave it sucking on the same spot for too long. You can hurt your face by doing this, so make sure to always keep the vacuum moving around and not on one spot.

This device also has 2 temperature compress options. Hot and Cold. I like to use the Hot compress all over my face to help open up the pores and get any oil and whiteheads ready for extracting. Then, after I’ve finished my treatment, I like to use the Cold function all over my face. This will also help with any redness, if you experience any. I like to apply some moisturizer or a light oil and then use the Cold Compress to seal everything in. The compress can be found on the back of the device — it’s a silver plate.

The compress plate also can perform an Ion Treatrment and Vibration Massage. I’ve never really heard of Ion Treatments until I started using this product. So far, I’ve learned that the Positive Ion function on the device can help penetrate the skin by loosening up any hidden dirt or debris.

The Blackhead Vacuum comes with 5 replaceable suction heads to fit the different nooks and crannies on your face. I personally like to use the Big Round Hole suction head because I found that it fit the majority of my skincare needs.

Just to be extra clear here on how to use this product, these are the instructions that Liberex provides on their website:

Step 1: Apply heat to face: Heat your face with a hot towel or a face steamer. You can also use a hot compress to help open pores

Step 2: Apply positive ion operation: Using this mode to derive bottom dirt and your blackhead on your face for 3-5 minutes

Step 3: Select suction intensity: Choose the suction intensity that your skin could afford

Step 4: Extract your blackhead: Slowly remove the device to extract your blackhead, whitehead and other things (make sure you are sliding it slowly and not holding it in one spot for too long).

Step 5: wash your face: After sucking out blackheads, wash face with clean water

Step 6: Use a cold compress to shrink pores or apply a moisturizing mask, then use the negative ion operation to deeply nourish your skin, deliver long lasting moisturization with your serum or other skin care products.


I’m looking forward to continuing my usage and experimentation with the blackhead pore vacuum in the future.
It’s also an affordable price of $34.99 on Liberex’s website if you’re interested in trying a pore vacuum for yourself!

Click here to view product on Liberex’s site.

All in all, I think Liberex is a very affordable brand for personal care devices. They carry a variety of products for different needs — such as cleansing spin brushes, makeup brush cleaners, water flossers, callus remover devices, and nose hair trimmers. All of their products tend to be within the $9 to $35 dollar range, which I find to be very affordable considering that similar products are available for extremely high prices. These products are a wonderful budget friendly option, and I think there is a device for everyone on their site.

What skincare or personal care device can you not live without? Let me know. I’d love to check it out next! 🙂


February 19, 2021 — L B