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For today's post I'm going to be reviewing the *Liberex FC2660 OLED Screen Cordless Water Flosser

I love that this is small and portable and takes up so much less space than a traditional water flosser, and that is also at a very good price at only $34.99.
The space saving aspect of this portable flosser is a major selling point for me.
If you have a tiny vanity, which I do in my small bathroom, than this is absolutely perfect!  It is also perfect for travel.

The flosser comes with USB rechargeable cord, so it has a rechargeable battery inside. 
It is a 300 ml water tank and a 2 minutes timer, which is great because I love to do the ADA recommendation and brush my teeth for 2 minutes.  I even use a little sand timer to make sure I do that. 
It was really easy to open the tank and fill it with water.  I went with soft but it also has medium, strong and pulse settings. 
The kit comes with 5 different heads, and a cool carrying pouch, as well. 
At under $40, I think this is a great value and I'm hoping it holds up a very long time.
Liberex also has other home hygiene products available, so be sure to check them out!
February 19, 2021 — L B