Hygiene is very important for us all but people tend not to take as much care of their teeth as they should either they are not brushing their teeth properly, just giving their teeth a quick brush or because they don’t floss. However our oral hygiene is equally as important keeping us free of decay, disease and other problems such as bad breath so regular brushing of the teeth is very important. If you are unsure of how to brush your teeth properly your dental hygienist can easily teach you how to floss. Studies have shown significant flossing reduces reduction in plaque over interdental brushes. Flossing is tricky though and I even struggle, no matter how many times I have been shown to floss so Liberex Lab tooth flossing which is a flossing revolution making flossing easy. A study back in 2013 showed that water flossing is significantly more effective than using a manual brush and string floss in removing more plaque from the tooth surface. Other studies have shown significant reduction in plaque over interdental brushes.

Courtesy of Liberex Lab I was given one of their Cordless Water Flossers to test and to show me that flossing teeth can be made easier and simpler.


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Flossing made easy

Did you know that tooth brushing alone cannot reach between the teeth and therefore only removes about 50% of plaque from the surface of the teeth? and that is why flossing should become a regular part of our oral hygiene routine. 

Not flossing though is common with most of us, like me, but we really should floss as not cleaning our teeth properly I learnt can lead to gum disease which is a much more common problem than we all might realise.

So if you are serious about taking care of your teeth, then just brushing your teeth should be followed on by flossing your teeth. However like me and a vast of other people in the world find flossing with cord hard so Liberex Lab water flosser has come to the rescue with their electronic water flosser which is easy to use.

As it really is important to get in between our teeth and brushing does not always do this hence why flossing is good to do after. Flossing will help prevent dental diseases such as tooth decay (cavities, dental caries) and gum diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis as well as help prevent bad breath further.

Liberex FC2660S DIY & OLED Cordless Water Flosser-Black

Unboxing the Liberex water flosser it comes with a carry bag, a USB charging cable (without charger), five flosser heads and the flosser itself.

The flosser is larger than I expected, even larger than my electric toothbrush but then the reason why is because of the container to store the water.

The flosser has

  • five 360° rotating long nozzles
  • four cleaning modes (soft, medium, strong and pulse) and 10 DIY modes
  • an OLED screen which clearly displays the current working mode and remaining power
  • 300ml detachable water tank
  • a USB chargeable lead (global voltage compatible)

Why use a water flosser? As mentioned before brushing alone does not get rid of all the food residues in our oral cavities internal gaps, so a dental flosser comes in handy, to help get to the food we can’t by brushing alone.

The Liberex water flosser relies on the pressure of water to produce high-speed flowing water to impact the oral cavity. The pressurized water smoothly enters the gaps of the oral cavity giving a good clean getting rid of remaining food residues within the gaps between our teeth and gums which brushing can’t.

Grabbing hold of the Liberex water flosser I must admit was slightly on the large side and found it a little hard to hold due to the width. It can easily be filled with water by the hole with lifting the flap or twist off the top of the flosser. The flossing attachments simply click on top.

Once ready it was time for me to start flossing. However I did not realise I had to have the flossing head in my mouth before turning on as when I turned it on the water went everywhere it was like a mini fountain. The water ended up spurting everywhere literally, in my hair, on the walls and ceiling, oops! So before turning on have the flossing head in your mouth then choose your desired setting be it soft, medium, strong or on pulse. It really did help clean between the cavities removing any left over debris which brushing can’t get to. Also it is perfect for anyone with braces or implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers as its much easier than using manual flossing items as the powerful running speed of up to 7000 rpm really does get the water cleaning everywhere. It felt like a mini shower in my mouth.

I found using this electronic water flosser by Liberex Lab way easier to use than flossing manually with string or those tooth type flossing picks.

The water flosser certainly helped over the Christmas period as let’s say I had one too many candies.


After using the flosser for two weeks I already could see an improvement and it made my mouth feel cleaner every time I used it as the flosser really does get to places where a regular toothbrush cannot reach.

The only slight quibble I have is the width of the flosser due to the 300ml water tank and weight once water is added to the tank container.

However though 100% using the water flosser has certainly made flossing my teeth much easier helping get rid of trapped food and preventing me from getting oral diseases.

So if you are like me and have always found it a struggle to floss then I highly recommend purchasing a Liberex Lab water flosser. Plus at $39.99 it is a bargain.

Thank you to Liberex Lab for gifting me the water flosser to show me that flossing can be easy. All views are my own honest opinion.


January 14, 2021 — L B