Liberex Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

By Liberex

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  • 4 Replaceable Suction Probes - Diamond microcrystalline suction head is performed to shallow acne scars,dead skin, enhance skin penetration. Oval suction head is suitable for use on the out side of the nostrils and around the eyes and mouth. Medium suction can be used for anywhere in your face and body. Light therapy head handle with your skin problems and massage your face.
  • Effective & Comfortable Blackhead Extractor - Strong vacuum extraction technology, can deeply clean blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, acne, air dust on your face & body. Make sure you are sliding it slowly and not holding it in one spot for too long.
  • Special Light Therapy - Blue light therapy uses light in the blue wavelength range to lessen your acnes on the skin. A course of treatment twice a week for 4 weeks is recommended. Red light therapy is a treatment that may help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. You could use this mode after blackheads extraction in case the appearance of bruises.
How to Use


Before first use, please ensure device has been charged.

Step 1: Wash your face with hot water prior

Step 2: Use a hot towel to open your pores

Step 3: Use a suitable suction head and comfortable intensity

Step 4: Clean your face with cold water and apply a mask on your face to shrink your pores.

Note: Do not use the device on the same area of skin for a long period of time in order to prevent bruises.


What's Included


Blackhead remover vacumm device * 1

Replacement filter *10

Sealing ring *2

Diamond micro crystalline suction head *1

Medium suction head *1

Oval suction head *1

Light therapy head *1

USB charging cable *1

Manual *1


Q: My question is about specification of kpa, how strong is it?
A: This product is equipped with ultra-powerful suction levels, maximum to 60kp. Before using it, you need to test the device at the lowest intensity level on small inconspicuous areas of your neck or arm. If the tested area is red or painful after 24 hours, do not use this device.

Q:How often do you use it?
A:Do not use the device more than twice a month.

Q: How do I clean it?
A: After you finish the blackheads extraction, the suction head can be removed and washed. You could clean it with alchol or facial cleanser with a cotton pad. For the device itself, do not immerse it in the water or other liquid for cleaning.