Liberex Water Flosser Sonic Electric Toothbrush Combo

By Liberex

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Family Complete Oral Care Teeth Cleaner

Liberex Water Flosser Sonic Electric Toothbrush Comb

Ultra Sonic Toothbrush Heads
"W" Shape Brush Heads
Suitable for teenager and children whom tooth are sensitive.
Soft Brush Heads
Suitable for people who wear braces and orthodontic. Cleaning deeply the hidden areas.
Cordless Portable Water Flosser
Standard Noozles
Removes bacteria deepbe tweenteeth and below gumlin.
Orthodontic Tip
Cleaning betweenteeth under bridges and aroundbraces.
Tongue Cleaner
Desgined to clean bacteria build up,food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue.
5 Cleaning Modes
Daily cleaning.
Clean teeth in a soft way.
Gum care
Improve gum health.
Sensitively clean your teeth and gums.
Massage teeth and gum.
3 Cleaning Modes
40-90 psi
20-50 psi
15-90 psi
USB Wireless Rechargeable Dock

Both the water pick flosser and toothbrush contain with powerful and environmental rechargeable battery, fully charged need 4 hours and used continuously for about 30 days. Convenient inductive charging lets you place back in its dock to charge wirelessly.

IPX7 Waterproof

IPX7 waterproof can prevent water leakage reliably and use for shower in the bathroom.

Auto Timer

Ultra Sonic Toothbrush: 2-minute auto timer and 30 seconds interval timer to let you know to brush different areas of your mouth.

Cordless Portable Water Flosser: 2-minute auto timer to avoid the water dental flosser still working after you finish cleaning.

What's Included

1 x Ultra Sonic Toothbrush

1 x Cordless Portable Water Flosser

4 x Brush Head

4 x Flosser Tips

1 x User Manual

1 x Wireless Changing Base