Liberex Scalp Clearing Massager

$9.99 $15.99
By Liberex

Made for All Hair Type

Suitable for all hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. It can be used on dry hair, or on wet hair with your desired cleaning product whenever you take a shower.

Benefit Scalp Health

Reduces flakes and removes build up, unclogs scalp pores to promote growth. The Bristles provides both an exhilarating scalp massage and relaxing experience. A must-have addition to your current haircare routine.

Feeling Relaxed

The gentle press enhances your shower experience with a relaxing scalp massage, helping to relieve stress.

Simple to Use

This hand-held massager can be used on a dry scalp, or to work with your hair growth serums, foams, or shampoos. Simply massage it gently in small circles around the scalp area to improve circulation or to get a luscious shampoo lather. Avoid large circular motions to prevent any tangles.

Easy to Clean and To-go

Just rinse it clean with warm water and mild soap as needed. Its compact size makes it a perfect travel companion whenever you're on the go.