Liberex FC2660S DIY & OLED Cordless Water Flosser

By Liberex

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FC2660S DIY & OLED Cordless Water Flosser

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Standard Tips

For teeth daily cleaning

Periodontal Tip

For periodontitis,deeply rinse periodontitis, gingivitis

Orthodontic Tip

For the false tooth, wearing orthotics, dental braces, teeth socket

Dental Plaque Tip

For implants, dental bridge, false toothcrowns. Bristles can be cleaned easily

5 Cleaning Modes
20-50 psi For sensitive teeth
50-80 psi For daily clean
70-100 psi For deep cleaning
70-100 psi For massaging gum
Upgrade To DIY Mode
8-120 psi Customize water pressure as you need. Long press the "Mode" button to enter the DIY mode, water pressure will change from min to max with pattern in OLED display.
OLED Digital Display

The patented OLED screen make it easy to read the current flossing mode and the remain power.

Professional Oral Irrigator

Professional Water Pick with 1600 times/minute high-pressure water pulse and 5 different 360°rotating long nozzles which make it rinse off the food residue between teeth and below the gums, where the toothbrush alone can not reach.

IPX7 Waterproof

With IPX7 waterproof design, it is possible to avoid electric leakage and allows it to be used in the shower.

Memory Function

It helps to remain the working mode in former use. 2-minute auto timer to avoid over-flossing.

How to use
Step 1

Choose the right nozzle, press the release button, and insert the nozzle into the spray head hold until you hear a "click" ring.

Step 2

Adding water. Open the water tank lid and fill it with the water in it.

Step 3

Holding the device downward, aim the jet tip to the teeth by rotating the tip base before switching on the device.

Step 4

Turn on the water flosser,press the mode button continuously to switch among the sequence: SOFT-MEDIUM-STRONG-PULSE-DIY.

Step 5

When the water flow and the gums are at a 90-degree angle, slightly close your mouth in order to avoid the water spraying out.

Step 6

After use, please switch off the power, as well as empty the water tank.


In order to achieve the best results. Please start from the molar area to the incisors. Slide the water flow along the gums, as well as stay a while between teeth, until the area around the gums and the spaces between the teeth are fully cleaned.