Liberex Biodegradable Eyebrow Trimmer - Facial Dermaplanting Razor

$9.99 $14.99

Eco Friendly

The Razor handle is made from wheat straw which is highly-biodegradable and compostable. Since it's from the world's most natural assets, wheat straw, the product will naturally degrade in the soil.


Apart from sharpening the eyebrows, it can also be used easily in cleanning up unnecessary hairs of the face, armpits, bikini lines, and sideways. A perfect grooming tool for salon and home use.

Slim Design

These eyebrow razors have a slim structure, stainless steel microblade, making them easy to remove the hair.The lightweight and cap design makes it possible for you to take it everywhere.

Safe to Use

The micro blades are covered with safety guards to prevent cuts and decrease redness.

Pack of 3

Contains 3-regular size women's razor shaper to make a precise eyebrow's arc.