Liberex 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

By Liberex

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Multifunctional Skin Care

3 in 1 Multi-functional Skin Care Device

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A Water-Based Exfoliation Treatment

Liberex skin scrubber has a flat shape and must be used on wet skin. It works by being activated by ultrasonic soundwaves (28,000 vibrations per second), withdraw accumulated dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the pores.

3 Modes
Deep cleansing opens up the pores to remove dirt and impurities, enhances the shedding of the aged and aberrant cell. It is designed with a spatula head, which allows for the removal of comedones and blackheads, and is rounded so you can reach tricky skin areas like around the nose.
The device helps more readily absorbed nutrients such as Vitamin C or mineral ingredients into the skin. Gently go over this gadget to the area where the moisturizer was applied until you see the product has been completely absorbed.
Massaging on your face with this device. This routine will lead to increased firmness and elasticity in the skin, helping you achieve a tighter and more toned-looking facial contour.