If you’re stymied by a lack of progress in your skincare routine, it may not be the fault of your fancy, expensive toners and serums; it may be that your cleansers aren’t working properly. Increasing the effectiveness of your foaming cleansers, especially, can be key to beating blackheads, buffing away dull skin, and micro-massaging pressure points, so every key ingredient in your routine can sink into your skin and transform it from the inside out.

What You Should Know

  • 60 Second auto shut-off
  • Wireless charging base 
  • Silicone and bristled brush included

Sleek and smart, this cleansing brush holds a charge for up to 90 minutes of use, lasting about 45 days between charges at two minutes per day. The wireless charging base looks sleek and smart, and shows the care put into the design of this entire system. An automated speed change signals when to move on to the next step in a cleansing routine, so you’re not tempted to buff sensitive areas at high speeds, but you get all the benefit of an intense clean in problem zones. Three interchangeable brush heads give you tons of options, and this lightweight brush travels well too, so you can keep a routine going no matter where life takes you.

Review Highlights

“I have had this for 3 months now, and I am still in love with it. I use it morning and night for 2 cycles each time, and I have only had to charge it once! Great battery.”


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April 30, 2021 — L B