First of all, if you don’t use a cleansing brush, I highly recommend. I can’t get the same level of clean and smooth skin without one. But the one that I had used for years had an opening under the brush that makeup would build up in (no matter how hard I tried to clean it), and it would get gross quickly. I tried some other major brands, and they just didn’t clean my skin the same way. I did a lot of researching to find a brush that would work for my skin, and I came across Liberex on Amazon.

I bought the vibrating cleansing brush, which is under $30. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now, and so far, I love it. It makes my skin feel so smooth and clean, and doesn’t build up makeup below the brush (there is no opening under the brush, so you can easily wipe it clean). It also comes with a charger, but I haven’t had to charge it once since I’ve gotten it!

This is the brush I initially purchased

I shared about how much I loved my Liberex brush on Instagram, and they reached out and asked if I would like to try some of their other products. I obviously did, based on how much I love the brush! They sent their Skin Scrubber and Cleansing Brush with a Sterilizer Station, and I’ve been using both for about a month. These products were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.

Skin Scrubber

Let me start with the skin scrubber, because I am so disappointed that I had never heard of these before. I was AMAZED the first time that I used it.


So what is a skin scrubber? It is essentially a “spatula” that uses vibrations and Ion technology for pore deep cleansing, blackhead removal, dead skin exfoliation, and face lifting. It has 4 different modes:

Deep Cleaning

This mode is used with a toner or lotion. You select Ion+ mode on the scrubber, and the vibrations atomize the lotion or toner and takes out any dirt in your skin.

Nutrition Importation

This mode helps your skin absorb serums. You apply your serum, select Ion- mode on the scrubber, and move the shovel in the direction of your pores for 3 minutes. This mode helps to import the active ingredients to promote metabolism and keep the skin elastic and moisturized.

Soothing Massage

This mode is designed to be used with a firming cream, and your skin should also be kept moist. You select EMS Pulse Care Mode, and move the shovel in the direction of your pores for 3 minutes for a soothing massage.

Cleaning Care

I have to say, this is my favorite mode. You apply a cleanser, select Clean mode, and move the shovel in the direction of your pores for 3 minutes. The vibrations atomize the cleanser and help to carry out any dirt.

There are more details in the instructions that come with the scrubber, but this is a brief outline of each mode.

Do you remember the nose pore strips, and how good it feels after your nose? The first time I used cleaning care mode, it was like that same feeling for my nose but 10x better. It felt so smooth and clean. This has absolutely made a difference in my skin and my pores. The best part is it’s right around $20! I highly recommend it, I wish I knew about it sooner!

Cleansing Brush with UV Sterilizer Station

Now on to the brush. Like I said, I absolutely loved the Liberex brush that I had, but I still get paranoid about bacteria build up that I can’t necessarily see. There is nothing worse than using a dirty brush on your skin – it completely defeats the purposes of using a cleansing brush in the first place. The station kills 99% of bacteria, to make sure your brush stays clean, dry and mildew free (ew).

The brush removes sweat, bacteria, makeup, dead skin, dirt, oil, and product build up the same way that my old Liberex brush does. I couldn’t live without a cleansing brush, because I think there is no way to get the same clean feeling without one. I use it every morning when I get home from the gym, and every night after I take off my makeup. It also comes with three different brush heads.


Three different brush heads are included!

I’ve been thinking about investing in a brush with a UV station for a while, and I wish I did sooner. I was worried about it being huge and taking up too much counter space, but it’s actually much more compact than I thought. The best part is the station keeps a charge, so it’s wireless (except when you’re charging the station). One side wirelessly charges the brush, and one sanitizes.

You place the brush into the sanitizer side after you use it, turn it on, and it automatically turns off after 5 minutes.

I definitely think the version of the brush that includes the sanitizing station is worth the upgrade, because using the brush that has bacteria could make you break out, and defeat the entire purpose of cleansing.

Final verdict: both are absolutely worth investing in and adding into your skin care routine! I actually think they’re very much on the affordable side, especially for the difference they make for my skin. If you do order either of these, let me know how you like them! I know a few of you have already tried the skin scrubber and love it 🙂

August 18, 2021 — L B