Treat Your Feet To Some TLC



I can remember my Gran telling me when I was younger, one of the most important things to take care of was your feet. They are a tool you’ll use on a daily basis for the rest of your life (generally speaking). My Gran is now 96 and still walking around pretty much un-aided. So whatever she did over the years for her foot health has really worked.

Here are a few of the tips she taught me all those years ago…


Wearing shoes that fit is co important! I’ve seen older women’s feet that would squash their feet into smaller shoes and they look terrible! Their toes are wonky and they’ve had all kinds of issues with their feet because of this. Plus, there really is no reason to wear shoes too small for you. There’re so many different styles on offer these days, how can you not find she’s that fit?! Even my mum has size UK9 feet and she finds it pretty easy to find shoes these days. My go to shoes lately are UGG Boots as they are just a hug for my feet but if you like something a little less slipper/boot like or just don’t like branded footwear, check out Uppersole Footwear. They have men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes, boots and trainers and all at very reasonable and affordable prices. It’s also very important not to wear high heel shoes all the time as they can cause issues to not only your feet but also to your calf muscles and even your posture as well. Like they ay about everything I guess though, everything in moderation!


Although many people think pedicures are more for beauty than for health. Having one every now and then can ensure your toe nails are healthy and in pristine condition. Most pedicures these days offer a foot massage along with filing your toe nails and trimming your cuticles. So you don’t get over growth of the skin over your toes or any in-growing toe nails. Pedicures generally range from around £15, depending on where you live, and the type of place you go to get it done. A luxury spa is likely to be a lot more than this!



However, if you don’t have extra money to spend on things like this, you can do something similar yourself from the comfort of your own home. Something like this Electric Callus Remover from Liberex would be perfect for removing any dry or dead skin on your feet. It can be used wet or dry, so great for using in the shower or the bath. It comes with x4 replacement heads of varying roughness. Plus, two speed controls.


It might not be all that fashionable but I wear socks with shoes at all times. I find my feet sweat more without socks on which can then eat to smelly feet and no-one likes a smelly foot! Plus, once it gets a bit moist, the shoes then generally start to rub causing blisters and sores. Even a thin pair of tights is better than nothing at all, especially if you find your feet get a little warm and sweaty. 


General Foot Care

Simple things such as making sure your feet (especially between the toes), are dry before you put your shoes and socks on is so important for the health of your feet. Conditions such as athletes foot is prone to those who have wet or sweaty feet that aren’t able to breathe, and although it’s not a serious disease, it can cause all kinds of problems but more importantly, it’s uncomfortable and annoying! Other things to think about is making sure you get rid of any hard skin that appear on your feet, perhaps around the heels and ball of your feet. If left to it’s own devices, hard skin will continue to get bigger and bigger and can be very uncomfortable. The best way to deal with this is to use something like a pumice stone on the hard skin areas after you’ve got out of the bath or shower when your skin will be at it’s softest

How you go about looking after your foot health? Do you have any go to tips when it comes to feet?



September 09, 2021 — L B