Thanks to Liberex Lab for these Skincare tools! All opinions are my own.

Today’s blog post is all about new skincare tools from Liberex. Something I’ve been struggling with is keeping up with deep facial cleanings at home. Since I have an almost two year old. At home tools were a great option to get the results I wanted without having to go out and see a a facial expert when I do actually have free time.

Liberex offers high quality beauty and personal care tools inspired by natural energy and cutting edge technology. While giving you the same spa performing results at home and boosting your confidence. Also helping both men and women achieve their own everyday needs through great quality and affordable self care products.


Liberex LCD Facial Skin Scrubber

One of my skincare goals was to do a full face deep cleaning. With this 4 in 1 device… I was able to extract deep imbedded pores, black head & white heads, grease removal and removing dead skin cells.

Not only does it perform all of these it also helps while you extract and clean. But overtime helps lift facial muscles and helps your skin better absorb your moisturizers and serums. Giving you a much needed deep clean and after glow to feel confident in.


Liberex Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

A more in-depth skin tool focusing on face & body as well. With 4 replaceable suction probes that help you with acne scars, removing dead skin, blue light therapy for acne prone skin and red light therapy to rejuvenate skin and muscle tissue.

I say this almost two years later… my hormones are still getting back on track. And still having to fluctuate on my birth control. I tend to produce more sebum oil. Causing more breakouts and clogging pores. These tools have really helped me do my part to make sure I REALLY clean my face entirely and properly. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in acne appearing less and acne scars I’m still trying to focus on and rejuvenate some areas back to new skin.



Really enjoyed sharing these Liberex skincare tools with you! I hope this helps put anyone on the right path to their own skincare journey and in using affordable + effective skincare tools.

Liberex was kind enough to give us a discount code at checkout. Visit Liberex to find these skincare tools and others! 10% off Discount code: Liberex727


June 18, 2021 — L B