Recently I had the chance to try two cool yet popular products from Liberex. I was gifted the Facial Cleansing Brush and Hair Straighter. Let me go ahead and say that I love these products as well as the price.

Let's begin with my thoughts on the facial cleansing brush! For one it has 3 exchangeable brush heads and each brush head has a different purpose. Also, it has 3 speeds so you can adjust how fast, slow, or intense of a cleaning you want. Personally, I like to adjust the speeds while cleaning my face. The exfoliating brush is my favorite of the 3. I love how it deep cleans my pores and removes makeup. It's also important to note that the cleansing brush is rechargeable and comes with a charging station and USB cord. I just plug it into my iPhone charger, and when I see the green light I know it's ready to go. It charges quickly and the charge lasts for several days. The cleansing brush is water-resistant. I use it in the shower and while taking a bath. Cleansing details are listed below.


Liberex Cleansing Brush comes with three brushes

  1. Silicone Brush Head - suitable for all skin types

  2. Deep Cleansing Brush Head - designed to exfoliate dead skin and clean pores

  3. Sensitive Face Brush Head - soft brush, suitable for sensitive skin

SHOP NOW: https://bit.ly/3qSWPMK


The cleansing brush is not the only show stopper. The hair straightening brush gave me a fluffy bouncy blowout. I LOVED IT! Total seventies vibe hair and perfect for a carefree look. I have naturally curly hair!. I washed and blow-dried my hair like normal and then use the hair straighter to finish the job. I wanted a fluffy look and that is what I got. See video below



Even after washing my hair and returning to my curly hair, I did not have any heat damage. The even heat distribution as well as the adjustable temperature protected my hair from damage. I was surprised at how well the straighter glided through my hair. My mom was on FaceTime with me as I was straightening my hair and even she was surprised! I trust this product on my hair. Hair straightener details are listed below.



Liberex Hair Straightener Brush

  1. Professional Ionic heat

  2. Thirty seconds heat time

  3. Seven level temp adjustable settings

  4. Three detachable comb teeth design suitable for a variety of hair types

  5. Auto-off feature

  6. Includes a glove to protect hands

SHOP NOW: https://bit.ly/3yA3IoH

Overall, I highly recommend these products. I enjoyed using them! xoxo Kimmylovesit!


July 09, 2021 — L B