If your anything like me, you might love self care products just as much as me!! I love trying out new self care products and tools to elevate my morning and night routine. One of the ways I feel my best and the most confident is taking care of my skin. Who doesn’t want radiant and clear skin, right?! I wanted to share a couple tools I have been using for my skincare and oral health routines that I have been enjoying!

LIBEREX sent me their Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum , LCD Facial Skin Scrubber and their DIY Water Flosser and I was thrilled to test out these products and incorporate them into my routine. Here is a quick breakdown on all the need to know product details, why I love them, and how I have incorporated them in my life!


Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

Okay guys, this Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum is a must-have!! It comes with four different removable suction probes depending on the area you are targeting, if you want to use light therapy. or if you want to diminish scars. The oval suction is for the around the nose, eyes, and mouth. The medium suction is good for any area of the face or body. The red light therapy is great for healing the skin. The blue light is great for lessening acne and the diamond microcrystalline suction is for diminish scars and removing dead skin. I have been loving this tool to remove blackheads around my nose and for the light therapy! I have noticed a difference in my skin looking clearer. Its recommended to use this tool only 2x a month! I have been adding this step into my night routine biweekly 1x a week! Something to be aware of is they warn you it can cause some bruising depending on your skin. I have not experienced this!


LCD Facial Skin Scrubber

The LCD Facial Skin Scrubber is perfect for lifting and exfoliating with the high frequency technology. The ion +/- feature helps remove dirt and oil build up and helps enhance the absorption of skincare products. I am personally waiting to use this tool till after I’m done breastfeeding but I am so excited to try it out and report back!!


DIY Water Flosser

I am obsessed with this Water Flosser! It is so gentle on the teeth and feels amazing! It comes with four different heads depending on what you personally need! There are daily tips for standard cleaning, periodontal tip for periodontitis, orthodontic tips for braces and dental plague tip for implants or dental bridges. I have been using the daily tips for the standard cleaning nightly! Adding a water flosser to my routine has been a great addition and makes my teeth feel so clean!


If you are looking for ways to up your self care, definitely check out LIBEREX. I have been very impressed with my Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum and Water Flosser! They have so many great self care tools to select from, there is something for everyone!


Thank you to LIBEREX for sponsoring today’s post!!

May 06, 2021 — L B