Liberex Electric Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

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By Liberex

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Special Design for Men

Electric Groin Hair Trimmer.

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Special Design for Men

Believe that most women prefer their partners to have the habit of clean-shaving or trimming. Liberex sophisticated and powerful trimmer is specially designed for those hard-to-reach below the belt areas or sensitive areas to gives you a perfectly even trim with less mess, electric groin hair trimmer help you to keep your manhood looking trim, neat and clean and protect your most prized possessions.

Advanced Soft Ceramic Blades

Electric body trimmer for men features a rust-resistant, hygienic and sharpness advanced ceramic blade built with extra sensitive shaving technology. This resulted in reduced risk of nicks and cuts, less pulled hairs and skin irritation, and extended blade life, enabling you to experience the best in body grooming comfort and convenience.

IPX7 Waterproof

the body hair trimmer for men can Wet or Dry Use, it can be used in the shower, Detachable and Washable blade head for easy cleaning in seconds.

Smart Powerful Motor

The smart motor will adjust the power according to the different resistance to prevent nicks and cuts.

Low Noise

Special low noise design make body trimmer for men has quiet and gentle operation, you can easily to groom and style all areas of your body including the underarms, shoulders, chest, legs, arms, stomach and groin.

HOow To Use
Trimming dry hair Step 1

Use the appropriate attachment as needed.

Step 2

Press the On/Off button to switch on the device, and trim.

Trimming wet hair Step 1

Do not use the attachment when trimming wet hair.

Step 2

Wet and apply soap to your body.

Step 3

Press the On/Off button to switch on the device. Apply less pressure than you would when trimming dry hair, and move the trimmer in a gliding motion.

What's Included

1 x Groin & Body Trimmer

2 x Adjustable Guard Comb (2 Length)

1 x Charging Dock

1 x USB Charger Cable

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Oil Bottle

1 x User's Manual