Liberex Hair Straightening Brush for Women

By Liberex

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Liberex Hair Straightening Brush

Professional Ionic Heated

Effective Hair Straightening

The straightener brush adopts the most advanced PTC + NTC + MCU technology, which can heat up quickly while ensuring that the product is evenly heated. 30s Fast Heating can help you achieve the perfect straight hairstyle effectively while saving precious time. The enhanced negative ion generator releases millions of ions that can deeply repair damaged hair and split ends, help you create frizz-free straight hair. You can make the salon-style you want at home.

7-Level Temp Setting
Low Temperature
270-330°F (130-160°C), suitable for soft hair.
Medium Temperature
360-420℉ (180-210℃), suitable for blonde or dyed hair. High temperature
High Temperature
450°F (230°C), suitable for thick, curly, or coarse hair.
There are shift up/down buttons and the white LED light corresponding to the temperature will flash when the temperature is set. You can adjust these to find the temperature that meets your hair type.
Creative Comb Teeth Design

A Wider Comb Pitch Design can greatly reduce the hair breakage and damage by reducing the excessive friction to your hair. And hair straightener with 3 Replaceable Comb Teeth, ordinary comb and concave comb can be used for general straight hairstyle, hook-shaped comb teeth can be used to make a straight hairstyle with inner buckles. You can replace the comb teeth by pressing the top buckle, which helps to clean the hair and dandruffon the comb teeth.

Safety Protection With Anti-Scald & Auto-Off

The height of the cermet heating teeth and comb teeth are designed, and the anti-scalding technology can prevent you from being scalded during use. The 360-degree power cord allows you to easily operate with any hand at any angle and prevents the wires from tangling during use. The comb will automatically turn off without operation for 30 minutes to ensure your safety.