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"It’s #pinkwednesday and here’s the cutest pink product from my stash!! ⁣

It’s review time for @liberexlab Egg Vibrant Facial Cleansing Brush. ⁣

Liberex labs was very kind enough to send me one of their most popular Egg cleanser to try for my reviews. I used to think that my hands are good enough to wash off all the gunk from my face even when I double cleanse but I was hugely mistaken until I tried this and I could see what a difference a cleansing tool makes. My face felt squeaky clean and so much cleaner and brighter after every use. Now my routine is not complete without this. Cleansing my face has become so much fun and better! ⁣


> 3 speed modes ⁣
> Automatically shuts down after 60 seconds to prevent over cleansing ⁣
> Fully waterproof and free standing ⁣
> Wireless charging dock⁣
> Lightweight and travel friendly⁣
> 20 secs smart reminder (it beeps and indicates to change areas)⁣

It comes with 3 brush heads. ⁣
1. Soft care Brush for sensitive skin and thinner skin ⁣
2. Deep Cleansing brush for pores cleansing and exfoliating dead cells ⁣
3. Silicon Brush head for gentle exfoliation and massage ⁣

Kindly gifted but the thought are unbiased. ⁣

How important do you think it is to use a cleansing tool? Which is your fav one? ⁣"
Compared with hand washing, the cleansing instrument has better cleaning ability, less residue of pores, dirt, makeup, and dirty air. For girls who often wear makeup and have strong skin oils, not only clean but also save trouble, gospel.

1. For the oil skin people and frequent makeup,they are more suitable for facial brush.

Facial cleansing brush are a good choice for those who often stay up late, oily skin, areas with strong oil secretion, girls who often wear makeup, and girls who are in places with serious air pollution.

However, for dry skin and skin with a thin stratum corneum, it is sufficient to wash your face by hand. Improper use may cause excessive cleaning and damage to the skin barrier, so you should use it carefully according to your skin condition.

Although facial cleansers are usually equipped with brushes for sensitive skin, if they are really sensitive muscles, it is recommended not to use them or use them sparingly.

2. Different skin have different use times

Excessive cleaning may cause some damage to the sebum film, so it must not be used frequently, basically once a week is enough. Do not use exfoliating products while using the facial cleanser.But if the facial brush's speed and the brush is very soft you can use it everyday.

3. Replace  the brush head frequently

The bristle-type skin cleansing apparatus must pay attention to replace the brush head in time, at least every three months.

Because the bristles will inevitably wear after repeated use, then contacting the skin at this time may cause some irritation. And the bristles after wear are easy to cause the growth of bacteria, these are all bad factors that cause skin problems.

4. No matter which facial cleansing instrument is used, please clean the brush head thoroughly after use, dry it and put it away.
April 27, 2020 — L B