Disclaimer: I was given a product/service in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the company in anyway.

We have been focusing on teeth over the last few months and reviewed some Beverly Hills toothpaste, mouthwash and a teeth whitening kit. However, what happens when you want a deeper clean, not just whiter teeth? We were recently sent a Water Flosser by Liberex to try out and here’s how we got on. There is also a handy discount code for you at the end!

Liberex is committed to promoting healthy and natural lifestyles. They have created innovative personal care products for everyday use and use cutting-edge technology. You can find everything from Sonic Facial Cleaning Brushes to Bikini Trimmers. What got my attention was the Water Flosser as we used to have a Philips one which we loved but unfortunately it got dropped in the toilet and we never got round to replacing it!

A Water Flosser is designed to give out little bursts of water that gets into the parts between your teeth. These flush out any food particles or plaque that manual and electric toothbrushes find it harder to reach. We do use interdental brushes but as I had braces for a number of years as a teenager, I find that even the tiniest ones are too big and just don’t fit in between my teeth. A Water Flosser seems to do a much better job!

The Liberex Water Flosser is compact in size and perfect for travel. It comes with its only little storage bag, meaning you can keep all the tools together and pack them away in your bag easily.

It handily comes with 5 tips to attach onto the base. 2 standard tips for cleaning (one with a grey ring and one with a white ring so they can be used by other family members), a Periodontal tip for deep rinsing, Orthodontic tip with little bristles for false teeth or braces, and a Dental Plaque tip again with little bristles which is for implants and false teeth.

The tips are very easy to slot into the top of the Water Flosser and easily taken out by pressing the silver button on top.

I have been using the standard tip for everyday cleaning as well as the Periodontal tip to reach a particularly stubborn area that I get plaque build-up in. I have found them to be really easy to use and literally takes me 5 seconds to get a better clean of my teeth after brushing. The fact the tips are so easy to change, makes the Water Flosser very practical!

There are 5 cleaning modes to choose from. It may take a couple of goes at first to get the right one for you. These are changed very easily by pressing the power button (at the top) and then cycling through the bottom mode button until the correct mode you require is highlighted. I use the Soft mode which is for sensitive teeth as I do find that my gums bleed sometimes when brushing them. There is also a Medium mode for daily cleaning, Strong for deep cleaning, Pulse for massaging the gums, and there is also a handy DIY mode where you can customise the water pressure to suit you! I love the Soft mode as it seems to work just right for me with minimal gum bleeding. It’s completely pain free even with my sensitive gums.

Some of the main features of the Water Flosser include a 360° rotating jet nozzle so you don’t have to constantly change hand position or base position. It has a 2-minute auto timer, so you can never leave it running accidentally and it’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you wish! The water chamber is a really good capacity at 300ml so you don’t have to constantly top it up. It lasts a good few days with daily use for both of us before its empty.

I have been using the Liberex Water Flosser for over a week now and I have to say, I love it! I wasn’t convinced at first but with a couple of practice runs, it’s now become part of my daily teeth cleaning routine. It’s quite noisy so I only use it in the mornings, but you do get used to it. When you start the Water Flosser, angle it away from you while you select the mode you want as it spurts water out immediately! Overall the Water Flosser leaves my mouth feeling really fresh and my teeth properly clean, with visibly less plaque in my most hard-to-reach areas. I know that this will help my overall teeth health and will hopefully mean far less problems in the future! I’m very impressed!

Liberex have kindly given me a discount code so you can all get 10% off the £25 price. Just use code Liberex727 at checkout!

October 25, 2021 — L B