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Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing good and keeping well. We are in single digits… 9 DAYS till Christmas ahhhhh! I am actually excited this year, I am still trying to keep as festive as I can, as I’m such a postitive person I like to see the good side in everything even though right now it can be hard to. However, Christmas in next week and I am so here for it – a lot of people will be last minute shopping this weekend and finding the last little bit’s; so I thought I’d quickly pop this blog post in for you all for some last minute stocking filler ideas with Liberex.

Liberex very kindly sent me other some pieces they currently have in stock, I was very excited to use these products. I have got the Portable Oral Irrigator which is basically a water flosser and a facial cleansing brush – these are both sold on Amazon alongside all the other amazing products Liberex offer.

Portable Oral Irrigator

I was very intrigued to use this product, it’s not something I would buy myself or even think about getting so I thought it would be cool to try. When it comes to brushing my teeth, very often I will forget to floss or its just not in my basic routine – I am also not a big fan of the floss string I think sometimes I can be a bit more aggressive with it. One of the best things are this water flosser is it comes with 5 different heads, which all have their own function and you can actually change the speed of the water vibration. The 5 tip heads include;

  • Standard Tips x2 – for cleaning teeth daily
  • Periodontal Tip – for periodontitis, massaging and to promote gums, blood circulation & teeth shrinking
  • Orthodontic Tip – for people with braces / teeth sockets – removes plaque in hard to places under wire and brackets
  • Dental Plaque Tip – for implants, tooth crowns, bristles to access stubborn plaque #

The tips are very easy to remove and change, alongside it’s very easy to refill the water flosser, which can be fully open by pulling the bottom away from the top half. I have used this a few times now and my mouth has naturally felt A LOT cleaner and more refreshed – I will definitely be adding this to my daily routine. This is such a cute little stocking filler for someone, you can purchase this buy clicking here; it is currently £34.99 and in the UK right now it will arrive before Christmas.

The Facial Cleanser Brush

Everyone loves a good facial cleanser, especially this time of year when, come on our diets are out the window. This can interrupt our skin cycle, which is why skincare is super important. I have a few cleaners at home but I found this one very cute, its pink and waterproof which is amazing! I actually used this whilst I was having a bath the other night – made my skin feel super soft after use. This facial brush also comes with a wireless pink matching charging stand which I’m obsessed with! Same as the other product, this comes with 3 different styles heads;

  • Soft Care Brush – for sensitive skin
  • Deep Cleansing Brush – cleanser your pores and care for your skin
  • Gentle Exfoliation – gentle exfoliation and massage

This is another great little addition / stocking filler this year. Its currently on deal here , for £19.54 and again, if you order now it will arrive before Christmas. Don’t forget to your last minute shopping down with Liberex.



December 16, 2020 — L B